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A big green part of Amsterdam just very close to the city centre. Not allowed for scooters (you’ll get a fine caught driving here) and heaven for bikers (no cars and scooters).
Inhabitants of Amsterdam use this park for a walk with the dog, a sportive activity (jogging, boxing, bootcamp, running, yoga), a ‘walk-in-the-park’, a break from work, exhausting their children.
But if the weather is good you’ll expect the Rolling Stones to get on stage somewhere anytime soon. People all over the place! Drinking, smoking (some green), listening music, play football, just enjoying the sun.
You’ll only understand the vibe when you’ve seen it. It’s MAGIC.
Google maps links:
Entrance near Leidseplein
Entrance van Baerlestraat (closest for our clients)
South/West entrance

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