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Renting scooters and bikes in Amsterdam. Discover the breathtaking beauty of the city on two wheels as you rent a scooter or bike from our extensive fleet.

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Aviad Paz
Aviad Paz
2. December, 2023
Scooters are super comfortabel and quick. Price is fair and service is great. Recommend 🤗
Jakub Švéda
Jakub Švéda
25. October, 2023
The best rental company in Amsterdam!!! Very nice people. Perfect customer service. Thank you very much for renting the scooter. We wish you good luck👍
Mason Mullamphy
Mason Mullamphy
6. October, 2023
They made it quick and easy to rent a bike and even gave us some windmill touring places we could drive to. The scooter is an awesome way to tour the city and see a lot of things you normally wouldn’t. The guys here were friendly and great, would definitely do again
I'm Groot
I'm Groot
11. September, 2023
Very good service and good scooter, We had the wondefull time ridinig the streets of Amsterdam!
Jack Barry
Jack Barry
23. August, 2023
Perfect experience! Scooter was ready, reliable, and the 150cc is powerful enough for the highway. The service was great. All was explained thoroughly. Thank you.
Mika Leskinen
Mika Leskinen
21. July, 2023
Great and flexible service. Scooter is an excellent way to explore surroundings if, for one reason or another, one wants to avoid walking or cycling. The pricing is also friendly with all inclusive prices.
Mateus Vistocchi
Mateus Vistocchi
14. September, 2022
Me and my girl had the most amazing time on top of one of your electric scooters. Don't listen to people that tell you to rent bicycles in Amsterdam, scooters are way fun, they make you look cool and are a less tiresome option.
Stefan-Razvan Radulescu
Stefan-Razvan Radulescu
28. April, 2022
Top Scooters! Very good guidance when renting and probably the best prices. You can visit the entire country even if you get a 50cc, use bike lanes and you will get at your destinations on scenic roads. Highly recommend!
Lauris P.
Lauris P.
17. August, 2020
Great experience 👍 Nice guy at reception 👍 Great scooters, almost new, well maintained 👍 No problem at deposit return and scooter itself. Is bit more expensive than others but peace of mind, nothing will break down.. Highly recommend 👌

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Rental bikes and scooters. All listed prices are the actual price. No extra costs will be charged for locks, insurance, or whatsoever.  Looking to rent a bike in Amsterdam? Rent a bike at Scooter Rent Amsterdam!
We offer bike rentals for daily, weekly, or monthly rental periods, and always have bikes available to rent.

Rental scooters 50cc

Rental Scooter 50cc

Sym Fiddle II

Top speed: 50km/h

Rental scooters 100cc

Rental Scooter 125cc

Sym Fiddle III

Topspeed: 90km/h

Rental scooters electric

Electric Scooter

Ecooter E2

Topspeed: 50km/h

Double seat bike | Rental bikes in Amsterdam |


Gazelle Tandem (for 2 adults

Hollandia bikes amsterdam | Rental bikes in amsterdam - Scooter rent

Children’s Bike

Cruiser bike for the young ones

Cargo bike | Rental bikes in Amsterdam |

Urban Arrow family/Cargo E-Bike

Bakfiets Cargo E-Bike (space for 2 children)

Bike with child seat | Rental bikes in Amsterdam |

Child seat bike

Installed with different child seats for different ages

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