Frequently Asked Questions


Discover essential scooter rental FAQ from years of experience  at Clarify driver’s license needs, passenger allowances, theft procedures, and insurance policies. Learn what to do in case of accidents or damage, and stay informed about our rental vehicles. Make your scooter renting experience seamless and informed

No, not necessarily international, but we do need to see the one you have. Front and back.

Yes, on all of our rental scooters you can take 1 passenger. On the other hand, on our bicycles you can’t. Except for the Tandem (2 adults), the Cargo bike (1 adult and 1 or 2 children) and the Child seat bike (1 adult and 1 or 2 children).

Well, first of all, if you listen carefully to the instructions on how you can best lock the rental vehicle, the chance of theft is minimal (3 bikes in 1 year). However, when disaster strikes, we have to take the entire deposit that was reserved for this vehicle.

No, we as a rental company are not able to insure our vehicles for more than just the legal liability. Damage and theft are therefore entirely at our own (and so also your) expense. But when paid with a credit card, you have a back-up, since most credit card companies insure their customer’s purchases.

I hope you’re ok and you didn’t hurt yourself. During our opening times, it is always best to contact us so we can advise what to do immediately. If we are closed, and the phone is not answered, it’s best to contact the police. Especially when there is a counterparty involved, the police will always make a neutral report necessary to recover damages.