Terms and conditions

1). The hirer is advised to receive the rental scooter and the A.R.T. security lock in good and working condition, having familiarized themselves with the user manual for the safe and proper operation of both the rental scooter and the rental scooter’s A.R.T. security lock.

2). The rental scooter is insured third party. On delivery of the rental scooter, the hirer will receive the following:

1. The vehicle
2. certified security lock
3. A full tank of petrol
The Hirer is liable for the rental scooter and all accessories and documentation pertaining to the rental scooter including the A.R.T. security lock.

3). The Hirer must be 18 years or older and must prove this with a legitimate Driving Licence (min AM). A copy will be made of said driving license.

4). The hirer is advised to familiarize him/herself with the traffic laws pertaining to the use of a scooter and to obey them at all times. The Hirer is liable for all fines resulting from traffic/parking violations during the rental period.

5). The hirer must pay all monies pertaining to the renting of the rental scooter, incl the deposit and agreed amount for the proposed rental period, upon receipt of the rental scooter. The deposit will be returned to the Hirer upon receipt of the rental scooter including all locks and accessories in the same condition as the rental scooter was delivered, on the day and time agreed in the rental contract. Scooterrent.nl reserves the right to withhold part or all of the deposit in the event of damage to the rental scooter. Should the damage costs exceed the deposit, the hirer will be held liable for the remaining repair costs.

6). The rental scooter will be delivered with a full tank of petrol/gas. During the rental period, the hirer is liable for all fuel costs. The hirer is required to return a scooter with a full tank of petrol/gas. In the event, a rental scooter is returned without a full tank, an additional 10 Euros will be charged, payable when you return the rental scooter, or it can be withheld from the deposit.

7). Hiring a scooter at Scooterrent.nl is done so at your own risk. Scooterrent.nl has no liability for ijuries to the hirer,rider or passenger, or injuries to third parties during the rental period, resulting from damage or defects of the rental scooter.

8). When parking the rental scooter, the rental scooter must be parked in a designated parking zone, and Must be locked with the A.R.T. certified security lock to a solid structure (Bicycle rack, street light, steel railing).

9). The hirer is liable for all damages resulting from theft, third party intervention or other damages to the rental scooter and accessories irrespective of how the damages occurred, to scooterrent.nl. The hirer must inform scooterrent.nl of any accident involving the rental scooter directly and must at the scene of the accident complete an accident form. The hirer must follow all instructions given by Scooterrent.nl. The hirer is liable for all costs pertaining to accident and repair of any and all damages occurring during the rental period, to Scooterrent.nl. By theft, the hirer is responsible for the total value of the rental scooter, including all accessories to Scooterrent.nl. The hirer is liable for all extra costs resulting from failing to immediately reimburse all monies pertaining to the repair or theft of the scooter. In the case of accidents where a third party is liable, the hirer will be reimbursed for the monies the hirer has paid for the resulting repairs, only when the third party has paid the damage costs in full to scooterrent.nl.

10). Scooterrent.nl must be informed by the hirer immediately, of any defects arising in the scooter during the rental period. The scooter may not be left unattended. If the scooter can not be ridden a replacement scooter if a reserve scooter is available, and only if the defect arises through no fault of the hirer. If a reserve scooter
is not available the hirer will be reimbursed for the remaining pre-arranged rental period.
10a). Scooterrent.nl reserves the right to use scooters of any make and model as reserve scooters irrespective of the scooter make and model arranged in the rental contract.

11). The condition of the scooter must be evaluated by the hirer and Scooterrent.nl before and after the rental period. It is the responsibility of the hirer to have noted any part of the scooter not in good condition to the personnel from Scooterrent.nl before the rental period commences, and before the hirer has possession of the keys for the rental scooter.

12). The hirer (or designated driver where applicable) or any other persons are FORBIDDEN:

1. Ride the rental scooter while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that can hinder the driver’s ability to ride the scooter.

2. use the scooter in competitions, whatever form they may take, or for any tests or testing.

3. be ridden outside the designated areas where this vehicle may be used.

4. be ridden with more than one passenger (one driver + one passenger), and may not be ridden where the total weight of the scooter exceeds that of the maximum weight allowed by the manufacturer of said scooter.

5. rent the scooter from a third party.

6. change or attempt to change the scooter in any way, shape, or form.

7. ride the scooter without a good understanding of the rules of the road for the scooter, and must obey them at all times.

13). The hirer must conduct themselves in a cordial manner with the personnel from Scooterrent.nl. Failing to do so, Scooterrent.nl reserves the right at all times to recall the rental scooter and to hold all monies in lieuw of restitution.

14). Scooterrent.nl reserves the right to recall all scooters as a result of weather conditions or any conditions that scooterrent.nl concludes are not optimal, without costs for Scooterrent.nl or the hirer.

15). All reservations must be accompanied by a payment of 25% of the total rental costs (excluding the deposit).

16). All cancellations must be completed 24 hours before the rental period, failure to do so will result in restitution to Scooterrent.nl of 50% of the total booked rental period price.

17). When a rental scooter is not returned on the date and time agreed by scooterrent.nl and as stated in the rental contract, the hirer is liable. The hirer is liable for an extra day’s rental 20 minutes after the expiration of the contract, and an extra day for every 24-hour period thereafter. No reimbursement will be paid by scooter-rent for scooters that are returned before the expiration of the rental period.

18) In case of damage, scooterrent.nl has the right to charge the client’s credit card with a maximum amount of 400 euro per scooter.

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