Recommendations of a local like me (owner of are more valuable then any other commercial recommendation. As a born civilian of Amsterdam I think my recommendations can be taken serious. With each recommendation I’ll give a small explanation. I divided my recommendations in groups:

  • Eateries
  • Buildings
  • Others


Cafe de Klos

A small eatery known for their outstanding grilled meat and above all, their spareribs. By far the best spareribs I ever had.
However, it is not possible to make a reservation and they have a crappy website. Just walk in, let them write your name on the list, take place in the cafe across the street, take a drink and they will pick you up when your table is ready. Believe me, it’s worth waiting. I’ve been here numerous of times and was never disappointed. Even the small salad on the side is very tasty. Bon appetite! (First timers: take the spareribs!)

The raw diamond

Cafe de Klos


They have multiple locations but show the same trick everywhere. Known for their famous ‘Biefstuk Bali’ which is a tenderloin served in a spicy gravy from another planet. In fact, the dish is quite simple but very tasty. When you think back of Amsterdam after a year you’ll still remember the tast of this gravy. Here is a link to their menu to see what else they have to offer but if I were you I would just stick to the ‘Biefstuk Bali’. Take a look at this Map to see which Loetje is closest to you. Enjoy! Note: they do take reservations but they always keep a few tables available for passers-by.

The very first Loetje @ Johannes Vermeerstraat

The first Loetje


A popular place for people from Amsterdam to eat out. It is a large venue with all kinds of small eateries. You can take a bite at one place, a drink at the other and finish with a meal at the third. Very casual. No hurries, just relax and enjoy. You have a lot of shops in the Kinkerstraat around the corner as well as the Ten Kate markt (market) so you can finish your shopping day with something to eat @ the Foodhallen.

The beautiful entrance of the Foodhallen

Entrance to foodhallen

YamYam Trattoria

There might be a serious change that when you walk past this restaurant in daytime, there is nothing what attracts you to reserve a table here. At first sight it looks like a small and simple canteen. The furniture is very basic. BUT! I ate a lot of pizzas and never had one as delicious as the Pizza Yam Yam (their speciality). The proportions of ingredients used on their pizzas are in such a good balance. For me, the inventor of their pizzas is a passionate artist. Well known by people in the West of Amsterdam and popular as well. So when you want to experience this place book a table because it’s often busy. Their website contains a menu and contact details. YamYam is located here.

Only very tasty pizzas leave this brick oven.

Kong Kha

A very small restaurant owned by a Dutch man and his Thai wife. And, hell, this woman (and all of her Thai employees) can cook. I’m a big fan of this small place. The taste of Thailand. All fresh products used. If you like Thai food you do not do well if you don’t go here. They also do deliveries but only in the south of Amsterdam because they are located there.

Small place, great taste!

Kong kha front

Sir Hummus

Here you can enjoy a very tasty lunch. Lovely home made hummus served with bread and vegetables. Vegetarians have a wide choice here. You can see their menu at their website. The seats are cosy and when you take the first bite you will imagine yourself being in Israël. They have a real nice special (green) sauce with secret ingredients. It reminds me a bit of wasabi. I’m a major user of this sauce.
Then, if you been here, try to remember the neighbourhood because this neighbourhood is called ‘de Pijp’ where there are numerous of nice small cafes mostly visited by locals.
This is their location.

A piece of Tel Aviv in Amsterdam

Foodbar Sir Hummus

Decided where to eat? Then book a rental scooter to get there.


Amsterdam Central Station

My personal favourite. Almost impossible to get this building in one picture due to its width. Designed by architects Cuypers and Van Gendt it was build from 1881 to 1889. The residents of Amsterdam initially disagreed strongly with the construction because it would take away the unobstructed view of the water completely.

Nowadays it’s the beating heart of all kinds of public transport in Amsterdam. With buses, trains, subways and trams the station manages to transport 185.000 people every day.

As mentioned in hotspots the A’DAM Tower will give you a special view on Central Station

Amsterdam CS

Amsterdam Central Station


Say again.. Yes, difficult word. It’s Dutch for ‘Maritime Museum’. I wasn’t really sure where to place this one: Buildings or Others. I think it was the boat on the side that made me choose for buildings. What a beautiful combo. The square building rising out of the water and this EPIC historical VOC ship next to it. This ship is accessible when visiting the museum btw.
The interior is at least as interesting as the exterior. It is filled with history about everything that has to do with braving the water. Navigation on water, work on water, defending ourselves over water, defending ourselves against water, explore the world over water. You can easily spend a couple of hours here. Here is a link to their website.

Isn’t that a combination?

Maritime Museum Amsterdam

At the museum I was most impressed by the Royal Barge. A rowing barge owned by the Royal Family since King Willem the First had it build in 1818. Today it is in a condition like it was build yesterday.
Last used by Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard at their silver wedding anniversary in 1962. I fervently hope that our current king will use this beautiful boat again on an official occasion.

Others (tips and tricks)


Behind central station you’ll find ferries that connects the North of Amsterdam to the city. For bikes, scooters and pedestrians it’s the only way to get from North to the rest of the city. Therefore they are FREE to use. The only rules: walk with bikes and scooters on the hand while boarding and stepping off, with the scooters engine turned off.
This ferry is key to some touristic places such as Zaanse Schans or Volendam but also startpoint for some idylic bike routes through a few small villages such as Ilpendam, Durgendam or Broek in Waterland.

Free entrance!

Recoomendations: The ferry
All aboard!
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