A list of some of the hotspots in Amsterdam with side information, addresses and more


A big green part of Amsterdam just very close to the city centre. Not allowed for scooters (you’ll get a fine caught driving here) and heaven for bikers (no cars and scooters).
Inhabitants of Amsterdam use this park for a walk with the dog, a sportive activity (jogging, boxing, bootcamp, running, yoga), a ‘walk-in-the-park’, a break from work, exhausting their children.
But if the weather is good you’ll expect the Rolling Stones to get on stage somewhere anytime soon. People all over the place! Drinking, smoking (some green), listening music, play football, just enjoying the sun.
You’ll only understand the vibe when you’ve seen it. It’s MAGIC.
Google maps links:
Entrance near Leidseplein
Entrance van Baerlestraat (closest for our clients)
South/West entrance

The fence at the entrance near Leidseplein

Hotspots in Amsterdam: Vondelpark
This fence was created in 1883. The space between Vondel and Park is actually wrong. Its Vondelpark!

Dam Square

It feels a bit unnecessary but i have to mention ‘De Dam’ (Dam Square).
This is Amsterdams epicentre. Take a look at our beautiful buildings overhere. Done? After that visit one of the hotspots here.
I’ll mention the headliners with a small description and a link:

* Wax statues of famous Dutchmen but also World Stars, and they look SO REAL!
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

* Shopping HEAVEN, all the big brands, all the genres, beautiful staff, beautiful entourage
De Bijenkorf Amsterdam

* A strange journey, weird facts, mind-blowing experiences, history told in a very amusing way! Been here twice.
Ripley’s Believe it or not

* And oh yeah, Red Light District is not far from Dam Square: ‘Area 51’

The Royal Palace

Hotspots in Amsterdam: Royal Palace

Johan Cruijff Arena

In the first place home stadium of (my and our) AJAX! Named after the Dutch football legend.
In the second place a stadium where many great artists have performed. You can book a stadium tour to have a closer look. By bike it’s quite a ride (however, not impossible, 30min), with scooter it’s easier to do.
Outside the stadium you’ll find the official Ajax Fanshop to create an official Ajax shirt with your name on it for example or get one of the many other Ajax products.
Additionally there are also a cinema and a large electronic store near the stadium.

The Johan Cruijff Stadium location in Maps.

And here is a video of Ajax fans singing to the players near the stadium. Immediately goosebumps!

A’DAM Tower

Former headquarter of Royal Dutch Shell, the multinational oil company till 2009. Therefore most inhabitants still call it ‘Shell Tower’. But from 2014 till 2016 it is changed to a few new hotspots in Amsterdam with a collection of restaurants, cafes, hotel, offices but above all (literally): an observation deck on the top floor with a MASSIVE view on Amsterdam. Amsterdam LOOKOUT
A lift takes you surprisingly quickly to the top floor of the building and there such a nice view awaits you!
Done? Time left? The building next to the tower is called ‘This is Holland’. Here you can take a 5 dimensional flight above the Netherlands. Very entertaining. Been here twice with my daughter.

A’DAM Tower with THE view

Hotspots in Amsterdam: A'DAM Tower

Red Light District

Explanation unnecessary I guess. Obviously this is the most popular hotspot for many of the tourists. To make it easy I’ll give you an address which will navigate you straight to the heart of our ‘Area 51’. Here is a Google Maps link and if you want to copy and paste: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 37, Amsterdam. Have a good time honey.

The line up

Hotspots in Amsterdam: The ladies

All hotspots in Amsterdam are easy accessible with our rental scooters and rental bikes. Make sure you reserve your vehicle to avoid dissapointment.

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